BASE Hockey Skills Program (12 Sessions) - 2 Players

Please Register 2 players (Equal skill level is IMPORTANT)

Bring Stick, Gloves, Skates, Helmet, Running Shoes, and Water Bottle.

90 minutes of dryland, stick-handling, passing and shooting on the synthetic ice at BASE Hockey Richmond.

This program will focus on results and improvement for specific hockey skills. Categories will include endurance, speed, power, control for all areas of hockey skills with video to show proper technique and quantitative feedback (progress charts) to achieve improvement goals. This program is based on a 90-day program with goals of increasing positive results, so multiple sessions every week are suggested, however not mandatory. Program will expire within 4 months of registration

Schedule with Coach Andre (604-720-6074) weekly or book online based on availability.


Please inquire for 1-Player Sign-Up with Coach Andre 604 720 6074

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