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BASE Stick 101 – The BC05 Lidstrom Curve

February 17, 2018

BASE Stick 101 – The BC05 Lidstrom Curve

The BC05 Lidstrom is an old-school pattern that has stood the test of time. Interestingly, this curve is more popular in the minor and recreational leagues than with pros – you could call it a “beer league classic.” Nevertheless, it has still seen some use in the NHL in the past few years, with Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Jacob Trouba standing out as its most notable pro users.




  • Available in Senior and Intermediate, left-handed or right-handed
  • Available for one-piece sticks or tapered replacement blades
  • Lie 6 with significant rocker
  • Heel curve, deep, very open
  • Square toe
  • Long length



The BC05’s considerable length, aggressive loft, and heel curve make high and flat saucer passes a breeze. With the slightest flick of the wrists and with almost no effort, you’ll be launching a crisp saucer pass to a streaking winger at the opposing blue line. Pucks roll easily from the heel to the toe and elevate quickly, so perfect form isn’t necessary. This might have something to do with the pattern’s popularity in recreational leagues.

Alexander Edler, a former Lidstrom pattern user, demonstrates the ease of saucer passing with the curve



The same qualities that make the BC05 a good saucer passer also make it an ideal delivery method for high and hard slapshots. The aggressive loft makes it easy to elevate the puck from the point or at the faceoff circle, even with a minimal follow-through. With a large sweet spot in the mid-heel, the pattern is very forgiving on one-timers and doesn’t require perfect form to get good elevation and power. However, shooters are advised to roll their wrists completely over if they want to keep the puck low, as this curve naturally favours high shots.

Watch: Jacob Trouba drills a high one-timer from the point with the help of the Lidstrom


  • Effortless saucer passing thanks to heel curve, long length, and aggressive loft
  • Large mid-heel sweet spot and big loft favours high and hard slap or snap shots
  • Long length and rocker makes it forgiving for stickhandling and pass reception
  • Square toe helps dig out pucks along the boards


  • Considerable loft necessitates good wrist roll to maintain accuracy and keep the puck low
  • Long length can be challenging for in-tight board work
  • Deep curve makes backhand passing and shooting more difficult
  • No toe hook makes toe shooting and toe drags harder

While this article is meant to give an overview of the BC05, the only way to know for sure if it’s the right one for you is to come try it out at a BASE Hockey fitting center near you.

2 Responses


October 01, 2018

Hi Steve,

The BC05 can be a joy to sauce with, for sure. In my experience, heel curves like the BC05 or BH23 provide the best sweet spot and enough loft for saucer passing. However, everyone’s play style and mechanics can differ, so it’s all about trying out different patterns and seeing what works best for you. To that end, a BASE fitting is a great way to mess around with all our patterns without having to commit to buy a blade or stick. Some players can make saucer passes work with big toe curves, but personally I find it much harder. It’s all about personal preference!


April 04, 2018

Hi guys,
I use this pattern for mode than twenty years and what I love the most about this curve us the efforts sauver passing. With all your experience, which pattern could be an alternative toujours this BC05?
Your BC03 seems crazy too for saucer pass… Am I right?

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