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BASE Stick 101 – The BH23 Drury Curve

August 30, 2019

BASE Stick 101 – The BH23 Drury Curve

If the BC01 Hossa is the prototypical toe curve, then the BH23 Drury is the prototypical heel curve. It’s a huge, straight heel wedge that can launch high bombs from the point, throw huge saucer passes, and roof pucks in the crease. Used by power players like Shea Weber and finesse players like John Tavares, the Drury is a classic pattern which was once the most popular choice for NHL pros. Before the NHL’s limit for curve depth was increased from 1/2” to 3/4", the Drury was the biggest (legal) curve NHL pros could get. While the Drury is becoming harder to find, BASE offers it in an unmatched variety of lies for all our sticks.


  • Available in Senior, Intermediate, or BIGGIE, left-handed or right-handed
  • Available for one-piece sticks or tapered replacement blades
  • Lie 4, 4.75, or 5.5 (plus lie 6 in LH only)
  • Square, flat heel rocker and aggressive toe rocker
  • Heel wedge, deep, very open
  • Round toe
  • Long length



The BH23’s open wedge curve makes it ideal for players who do their damage near the crease. The long blade and high loft allow you to deflect pucks easily, making you a threat from the high slot to the crease. If the goalie does save your deflection, you can crash the crease, grab the rebound, and effortlessly chip pucks top shelf using the open wedge. You have to get to the net to score goals, and the BH23 Drury has been chosen by some of the NHL’s best net-front experts over the years because it helped them work their magic in tight.

Watch: John Tavares puts his Drury to good use to score in tight


Like net-front forwards, defensemen defending the crease will also enjoy the BH23. The massive loft, instead of throwing pucks top net, helps defensemen fire it high off the glass to clear the zone and avoid icings or lob the puck high out of danger areas. In transition, the straight blade, open wedge, and square heel rocker make it a strong passing curve for forehand, backhand, and saucer passes alike. Finally, at the offensive blue line, the BH23 Drury is the pattern of choice for some of the NHL’s hardest shooters, including the reigning hardest shot champ, Shea Weber. Its heel wedge and long blade provide a massive sweet spot for releasing slappers or one-timers, while the high loft helps you elevate the puck to beat the goalie top shelf.

Watch: Shea Weber and his Drury-pattern stick hammer a one-timer top corner


  • Effortless saucer passing thanks to heel wedge, long length, and aggressive loft
  • Large sweet spot and big loft favours high and hard slap or snap shots
  • Long length and straight blade make it forgiving for stickhandling and pass reception
  • Square heel and straight curve make backhand passing and shooting easier


  • Considerable loft necessitates good wrist roll to maintain accuracy and keep the puck low
  • Long length can be challenging for in-tight board work
  • Square heel rocker makes dynamic quick-release shots more difficult
  • No toe hook makes toe shooting and toe drags harder, despite round toe


While this article is meant to give an overview of the BH23, the only way to know for sure if it’s the right one for you is to come try it out at a BASE Hockey fitting center near you.


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