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BASE Hockey Team Development Program: Making Better Shooters, One Practice at a Time

October 03, 2017

BASE Hockey Team Development Program: Making Better Shooters, One Practice at a Time

The importance of shooting is not understated in today’s game. Making the most of scoring chances is vital when facing increasingly structured defensive systems and bigger, more athletic goalies. The problem is that shooting is an individual skill that requires personalized 1-on-1 instruction, which most minor hockey coaches don’t have the time or personnel to provide. Fortunately, BASE Hockey has a solution which maximizes the limited ice time and coaching resources of your minor hockey team: the 2017-2018 Hockey Team Development Program for Shooting and Puck Skills.

The Program consists of 1-on-1 sessions between a BASE shooting coach and each player on the team during a regular team practice. BASE sets up a net and video recording/analysis equipment in the neutral zone, which is often left unused during half-ice or shared practice sessions. Players are then taken one at a time from the team practice, given personalized video analysis and instruction, and sent back to practice with the team. The overall impact on the practice is minimal, and practice time is maximized by combining team and individual instruction.

Sessions are customizable for the needs of the team and the player. The suggested format is 4 sessions per season (1 per month), with one focusing on each type of shot: wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, and backhand. During each session, every player on the team receives video instruction on the ice, which includes high-speed camera footage of their shot in slow-motion, 1-on-1 demonstration of the proper technique, feedback on their shot, and correction of flaws in their technique. Players also receive remote video feedback online, including a comparison of their shot to that of an NHL pro, a voiceover breakdown of their shot, and animations demonstrating the necessary corrections. This response is shared with the coaches and other players.

The Team Development Program is the most cost-effective individual training out there. Each session costs $12 per player (assuming a 15-player roster) and provides personalized training from shooting experts, plus training material to review at home. The benefits of this instruction are shared among the entire team: While players gain a harder, more accurate shot with a quicker release, they more importantly gain confidence in using their shot. This benefits goalies, who receive better shots in practice and are therefore able to improve much faster. Coaches also benefit – more confidence and better shooters leads to more shots on net in games, and more scoring chances. Plus, players receive personalized shooting instruction without taking away practice time or needing additional coaching staff.

Watch: Significant improvement occurs after only a few sessions

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this program with your team, talk to your coach and get in touch with us by phone at 1-888-728-6977, or by email at info@basehockey.ca.

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