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BASE Reign LT: The Sniper’s Weapon of Choice

September 22, 2017

BASE Reign LT: The Sniper’s Weapon of Choice

There’s a bold new addition to the BASE lineup. You might have seen it in a subdued “Blacked Out” colour scheme or a more vibrant “Pure Purple” graphics package. After gathering feedback from its fitters and Special Ops testers, BASE is now drawing back the veil on its new secret weapon.


The BASE Reign LT is the next evolution of BASE’s Nasty R. Like its predecessor, the Reign LT is designed specifically for high-skill players with advanced shooting mechanics. While conserving the Nasty R’s shaft shape and dual kickpoints, the Reign LT has been lightened and engineered to better resist torqueing on heavy shots. The result is a lighter stick that’s livelier in both shooting and stickhandling. In fact, several testers and users have reported an immediate and measurable increase in their shot velocity after switching to the Reign LT.

The Reign LT isn’t for every type of player. Unlike the Nasty and SuperNatural, which cater to a wide variety of skill levels and shot mechanics, the Reign LT is only available in one blade flex. High-skill players with good hands will be able to handle the reduced torque and extra stiff blade, which could make pass reception more difficult for less experienced players. The Reign LT’s updated materials ensure it still plays smoothly while reducing energy loss and increasing efficiency for high-end players. Like a sniper rifle that’s been perfectly zeroed, the Reign LT is engineered to provide the maximum precision and power to expert shooters.

If you think the BASE Reign LT might be the right stick for you, come try one out at the nearest BASE fitting centre. You can also order your very own fully customized Reign LT online or by phone at 1-888-728-6977.

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