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Base Stick 101 – The BC14 Shanahan Curve

July 12, 2016

Base Stick 101 – The BC14 Shanahan Curve

The BC14 Shanahan is one of BASE Hockey’s newest patterns. It was created in response to online popular demand from players all over North America who wanted to see this classic pattern make a comeback. Favoured by elite NHLers like Patrick Kane and Claude Giroux, this mild mid-toe paddle is a playmaker’s dream.



  • Available in Senior and Intermediate
  • Available for one-piece sticks or tapered replacement blades
  • Lie 5.5
  • Mid-toe curve, mild depth, slightly open
  • Square toe
  • Long length


The BC14’s long, straight blade makes stickhandling and passing on both the forehand and backhand a breeze. With only a slight amount of loft, the user is given maximum control to make crisp passes along the ice or to throw accurate sauce over opposition sticks. The length of the blade makes puck reception and stickhandling more forgiving, as there’s a greater contact area with the puck.

Watch: Patrick Kane throws a cross-ice backhand saucer pass to Panarin for a one-timer goal


This pattern is perfect for players who like to use the deceptive backhand shot on a regular basis. Unlike other curves with a deeper mid curve, the BC14 provides a long, flat section on the backhand to make roofing the puck on the breakaway so much easier. On the forehand, since the blade is relatively closed, there’s little chance of flinging the puck over the net, even when you don’t fully roll your wrists over.

Watch: Claude Giroux goes top shelf on the backhand in the shootout


  • Shallow depth and mild loft give maximum control on backhand
  • Considerable rocker and mid-toe pocket allows for easy shooting off the toe
  • Long length makes it forgiving for stickhandling and pass reception


  • Small, shallow pocket creates a smaller “sweet spot” for shooting
  • Long length can be challenging for board work
  • Mild loft makes it harder to elevate the puck in tight on forehand

Although this article is meant as an introduction to our new pattern, the only way to know for sure if it’s the right one for you is to come try it out at a BASE Hockey fitting center near you.

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October 01, 2018

Hi Michael,

The BC14 is available on all our sticks as well as in replacement blades, both in LH and RH. You can order one online or visit your nearest fitting centre to try it out.


October 01, 2018

Can we buy one ? Where?

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