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BASE Stick 101 - BC 88 Kane Curve

October 29, 2012

BASE Stick 101 - BC 88 Kane Curve

 The BC88 KANE Curve definitely wins the award for most popular curve at BASE Hockey. This is a simple, consistent curve that shoots great with the puck in the pocket.

The best thing about the BC88 KANE is the rockered heel. This shape gives a lot of flexibility to the LIE, keeping the blade nice and flat at different angles.



  • Available in all sizes LIE 5.5 (Sr, Int, Jrp, Jr, Y)
  • Mid Curve, Mid Depth, Slightly Open
  • Round Toe
  • Medium Length

A Beginner's Blaster

The flexibility of the LIE for the BC88 KANE is what makes this curve so special. It's so great for beginners because a player that is just learning how to skate can use it and as they develop a lower stance changing the angle they hold their stick to the ice, they won't need to change curves and they can keep playing the BC88.

Simplicity Makes Stars

For more advanced players, this curve is very effective because it is so simple. There's nothing fancy about this curve. It helps players develop a consistent style of play because it holds the puck so nicely in the middle of the blade. And if you want to be a star player, there's nothing more important than consistency.


Kane's Cup

  • Rockered Heel
  • Variable LIE
  • Nice pocket in the middle of the blade
  • Control
  • Consistency
  • Helps keep high-shooters below the bar
  • All-around curve


  • Doesn't specialize in anything in particular
  • Harder to get the puck up in tight situations

Similar Curves

  • Heatley
  • Thorton
  • Hedman
  • Vanek

Critical Comments

Have you played the KANE BC88? Let us know in the comments below how it plays for you...

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