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Introducing the SS10, The Beer Leaguer’s Best Friend

October 01, 2018

Introducing the SS10, The Beer Leaguer’s Best Friend

BASE Hockey has always prided itself in offering pro-level customization to a wide range of players with different skill levels, play styles, and budgets – not just NHL superstars or people who know a pro rep. However, we realized that the gap created by the retirement of the legendary Savoy Special, our original custom stick, had affected a certain set of players in particular. That’s why we decided to launch a brand-new stick – our most durable and affordable custom stick yet! Beer leaguers, this one’s for you.

The SS10 is targeted towards the recreational player who doesn’t want to pay top dollar for a twig he’s going to use a few times a week in an amateur league. It caters to the player who’s worried he might get his nice new stick slashed in half by an overzealous defenseman who idolizes Chris Pronger. It’s tailor-made for the player who has a hard time finding her obscure pattern and flex in the bargain bin of the local hockey store. All these players now have an affordable, dependable stick option that they know will always be available in their preferred specs.

This brand-new stick design builds upon the expertise BASE has acquired in developing, producing, and improving several stick lines to market since the Savoy: the Natural, SuperNatural, Nasty, Nasty R, and Reign LT. It incorporates features from several of our current and past custom sticks to offer unmatched performance, customization, and durability at a sub-$200 price point. In technical terms, the SS10 borrows most heavily from the Savoy Special and Nasty, with a similar weight to the Savoy and the same balance point as the Nasty. It also features our most durable construction yet, taken from the SuperNatural and further improved to better resist the brutal stick-on-stick contact of chippy beer league hockey. Furthermore, the SS10 adopts a similar contoured double-concave shaft shape to the Nasty R and Reign LT, as well as their diagonal 12K carbon wrap in the shaft and blade for added torsional stiffness. Its versatile kickpoint is higher than the Nasty but lower than the SuperNatural. Finally, it’s available with many custom options, including 11 shaft flexes, grip or non-grip, and our industry-leading selection of patterns.

Just because you’re living the dream at a tiny rink at 11pm on Monday nights instead of getting paid to play hockey in front of thousands of people doesn’t mean you can’t get the stick that’s right for your playing style. The SS10 is your best shot at getting the most performance and enjoyment out of your game, without breaking the bank. To reaffirm our commitment to grassroots hockey, BASE is offering a special deal to recreational hockey leagues and organizations who wish to partner with us. If you’re in charge of an amateur or recreational league and you’d like to know more, send us an email at info@basehockey.ca. Otherwise, if you’d like to try the SS10 out and have one of our expert fitters determine your ideal specifications, book a fitting at the BASE Hockey location nearest you.


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