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Introducing the BIGGIE

November 12, 2018

Introducing the BIGGIE

The evolution of junior sticks

Younger players and women using junior-sized hockey sticks have been left holding the short end of the stick by most manufacturers. While senior-sized players benefit from the latest technology, the industry has largely ignored the unique performance needs of younger/women players.

When it comes to junior sticks, we’re not kidding around

Six years ago, BASE revolutionized the Junior stick by introducing the industry’s first junior 25 and 40 flexes. These super-soft flexes allowed younger/women players to flex their sticks and load up their shots like those players using senior sticks. The industry finally followed the leader where now every brand offers junior sticks in flexes ranging from 20 to 40.

Here we go again

BASE is changing the junior stick market AGAIN by introducing the first senior-sized blade on a junior stick. We’re proud to introduce the BIGGIE, the next big thing in improving performance for younger/women players — offering all the benefits of our senior stick technology, but with a shaft that fits their hands properly.

Biggie compared to a Nasty Jr both BC28 blades

Size does matter!

Junior blades have traditionally been smaller because of material limitations. The compromise was a smaller
blade so that the stick would not be too blade heavy. BASE has designed and perfected its BIGGIE senior-sized blades using ultra-lightweight carbon and resins. The result is the lightest senior-sized blade on the market. BASE combined our revolutionary blade technology with a junior shaft and the BIGGIE was born. The BIGGIE stick shoots like the BASE Nasty model, with the superior balance of the BASE Reign model. All BASE senior curve options are available, with shaft flexes from 25 to 70.

What women want?

Men have been asking that question forever, and the answer is simple, listen to what they have to say.
We’ve been hearing from a number of shorter female players asking about putting senior blades on junior shafts. And we listened. One of the myths about junior blades is that they are exactly the same curve as a senior blade in the same pattern. Not true. The junior blade curve is simply a percentage reduction of the senior blade. The senior blades are computer-modelled and when the reduction is done, the length and height of the blade are reduced as well — this shallows the curve and lessens the sweet spot.

Comparing a BC28JR (left) and BC28SR (right). The senior model has a deeper pocket and therefore,
a bigger sweet spot. 

BIGGIE performance improvements

Here are just a few of the advantages of the BIGGIE for younger/women players:

  • More surface area to catch passes cleanly.
  • Larger sweet spot. Players have more confidence in taking passes and loading up their
    shots quicker, all without looking down at the puck.
  • A deeper pocket allows players to cup the puck a fraction of a second longer and shoot
    harder (and often more accurately).
  • The larger blade lets players win more face-offs and battles in the corner.
  • Allows younger players to start learning with the exact same curve they’ll use as adults.
    No more having to adjust to going to a larger blades.
  • Improved stick handling. The light weight of the BIGGIE blade delivers ideal stick balance
    that promotes great puck feel and quick hands.
The next BIG thing

Get your hands on a BIGGIE and feel the difference. Designed for the younger player looking for a competitive advantage and women players that like the smaller shape and softer flex of a junior shaft but want the performance advantage of a senior blade.

The BIGGIE is available in junior and junior pro sizes, in all of our junior flexes — 25, 40, 50, 60 and 70
— and with ALL of our senior blade curve options.

Try out a BIGGIE at a BASE Fitting Centre near you, or order your BIGGIE online.

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