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Tailored Performance for Women in Hockey

March 08, 2019

Tailored Performance for Women in Hockey

In the past decade, the game of hockey has made incredible progress towards including everyone, regardless of personal characteristics. Women’s hockey has soared in popularity, more girls are lacing up the skates than ever before, and women like Team Canada legend Hayley Wickenheiser are finally starting to get opportunities in the NHL. BASE Hockey has always been a supporter of women in hockey, and today we continue to innovate to ensure that women have access to the same level of performance sticks as men. From our pioneering Junior Pro to our revolutionary new BIGGIE, BASE Hockey offers female hockey players better performance options than any other manufacturer. On this International Women's Day, let's take a look at how female players around the world have found their game with BASE sticks (and keep reading for a special Women's Day discount code!).


The Pioneer – Junior Pro

The Junior Pro stick was BASE’s first foray into providing solutions for players who didn’t fit into the traditional Junior / Intermediate / Senior categories, including women. The problem we set out to address was that many players wanted a longer stick with a stiffer flex but found that intermediate and senior shafts were too large to properly fit their hands. By creating a Junior-sized stick in higher flex choices and longer shafts in top-of-the-line materials, BASE gives women who prefer Junior shaft and blade dimensions a better option to suit their size and playing mechanics.


Maximum Flexibility – Int and Sr Flex Choices

For those women who would prefer a larger stick shaft circumference, BASE offers an industry-leading selection of flexes in Intermediate and Senior sizes. Intermediate flexes go as low as 45, while the new Senior 65 flex offers the lowest Senior flex on the market. As with the Junior Pro, this vast array of choices lets women fine-tune their combination of flex and shaft size to find a stick that works for their hand size and shooting mechanics. These flexes are available on our Reign LT, Nasty, and SuperNatural stick lines, giving a full choice of flex profile, weight, and feel.


The Next Step – BIGGIE

The revolutionary new BIGGIE offers yet another level of customization. For those women who want to maximize the whip in their shaft and prefer a shorter stick, BASE now gives them the option of retaining that whippiness with all the advantages of a full, Senior-sized blade. With a Junior or Junior Pro shaft size and flex and a lightened, specially-engineered Senior-sized blade, women can benefit from BASE’s industry-leading selection of Senior blade pattern without having to choose between a shaft which fits their hands and a blade which fits the puck. They will also notice an improvement in their shooting, pass reception, and puck control, which means they’ll play with more confidence.


The Total Package – Fitting and Instruction

Finally, since BASE recognizes that having more choices is only part of the performance puzzle, we offer individual stick fittings and instruction. With an individual or group fitting, women can try different shaft sizes, flexes, patterns, and sticks to find the perfect twig for their game. This process takes the guesswork and the marketing pressure out of buying a stick. Unlike other manufacturers who focus their marketing and engineering on male players, BASE recognizes that every player is different. The fitting process allows women to get the most out of BASE’s vast selection of customization options, ensuring they’ll leave no performance advantage on the table. Once they’ve found the proper stick, female players can continue to improve their shot with BASE’s instruction sessions, where BASE instructors use high-speed video and years of experience to help players fine-tune their shot mechanics. With a custom fitting, a personalized BASE stick, and ongoing instruction, women can #shootfire in their local league, in pro leagues across the world, and maybe someday in the NHL!


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